How this charity changed my life

Hi everyone, I’m Laurie, and this is my BIG Little Sister, Sarrah. (note to reader: this is funny because my Little Sister is physically bigger and taller than I am. Ha ha!). Without the Big Sisters organization – and all the sponsors, volunteers, staff, and board members – I would never have met my Little Sister Sarrah. And I would’ve missed out on one of the highlights of my whole life: being a Big Sister.

$ 45,000 - $ 85,000

Summary of an Inspirational Speech

In your charity fundraising speech, describe:

  • How and why your charity is life-changing, both specifically and generally
  • The challenges your charity has overcome, or is overcoming
  • The successes you’ve faced as a charity or an individual
  • End your inspirational speech with an ask for a specific amount of money.
  • Don’t be shy about asking for money – that’s what charity events and fundraising galas are for

Challenges of Nonprofit Organization

This inspirational speech is from my heart, which is what made it work. If you’re giving a speech at a charity event, write it from the very core of you! The more authentic and sincere you are, the better your fundraising efforts, inspirational speech, and charity event will be

Why are you searching for charity speeches? Feel free to share your nonprofit organization’s information here — including what you’re raising money for. This is a good and safe place to practice your fundraising efforts 🙂 Feel free to share links to your organization or charity event.

Conclude the Inspirational Speech

The biggest change I’ve seen in Sarrah is her increased confidence in herself. When we were first matched, our first outing was the Big Sisters picnic in Stanley Park – in the pouring rain! Sarrah was so shy and quiet, and she spoke so softly that people couldn’t hear what she was saying.

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